-”I have known Maripier as a collegue, astrologist, therapist and aromatherapist.  In every instance, she gives her entire presence, with her expertise, knowledge and compassion. I have had the pleasure of discovering her product line, which I love and use exclusively.  Your products are infused with authenticity and purity, thank you!!”

Debbie W.


-”I feel very fortunate to buy Maripier's face and body creams. I love Crème de Violette for my face and I have to buy 2 at a time, one for my husband, otherwise he uses up all mine. It's very important to me that I know and trust her products are pure and safe for my skin, because it's become more evident all the time that body products penetrate the skin and can affect us negatively if loaded with chemicals! Her creams and lotions are healthy and absorb beautifully!”

Pam B.C.


- ”J'ai adoré mon facial combiné à l'acupression;  je vais revenir c'est certain!”

Yannick B.


- “J'ai eu recours aux soins de Maripier Carignan suite à un  surmenage - plusieurs nouveaux mandats -mise en place d'une 2e entreprise et 2 déménagements en même temps (personnel et entreprise). Ses techniques de massothérapie jumelées à l'acupression m'ont aidé à reprendre très rapidement mon énergie habituelle ( 2 rencontres ). Bref, une belle découverte que je recommande à tous professionnels surmenés.”

Louise A.


- “J'ai fait appel plusieurs fois aux services d'acupression et de massage suédois de Maripier:  la première fois, lors d'une période particulièrement stressante au travail: après une seule séance d'acupression, ma sensation de stress a baissé considérablement pendant plusieurs semaines et a fait place à une sensation de bien-être. Plus récemment, plusieurs sessions de massage suédois ont éliminé une raideur musculaire dans le bas de mon dos en plus d'augmenter mon niveau d'énergie. Je recommande Maripier, elle est professionnelle et à l'écoute des besoins de ses clients.”

Ginette R.


-”Being a holistic worker and intuitive has allowed me to meet like minded souls. My personal reading from Mari pier was an amazing tale of who I am and where I am going . Amazing confirmation and a clear instructive viewpoint. The detailed explanation was fascinating . I felt her passion and wisdom for the craft shine right through . I was blessed to have such an amazing experience . I highly recommend mari-pier to all my clients” .

John Pereira BodyTalk practitioner Namaste


- “You have helped me at my most vulnerable moment when I was physically and mentally down. I instantly felt the warm good feeling during the treatment, I felt instantly relaxed. You work with your heart, soul and mind and your touch is a healing touch...." M. 💗💗💗