Taboikaa was my Romanian grandmother's maiden name. She was daring, business oriented and full of guts. She was a very inspiring woman in my life and in my twenties I decided to adopt her name for my business.

I was introduced to plant healing and essential oils when I stayed the winter of 1987 in the Village of New York City. It was the beginning of a life long love story for plants, scents and self-care. As a certified Aesthetician and Spa therapist since 1998, I have used essential oils in my treatments and various skin care recipes that I make. I also studied the effect of the oils on the mind to help with psychosomatic issues.. I have worked for a cosmetic company laboratory, testing and doing clinical studies on various skin types. Two years later, I sold clinical studies to the international cosmetic corporations on behalf of a French laboratory located in Montreal. With a team of dermatologists and doctors, we provided world wide recognized clinical testing for the industry. I also acknowledged that the best results were obtained with natural ingredients.

 During these years, I continued studying with numerous Aromatherapy specialists and well known Jeanne Rose, continuously reading and taking advanced courses on the subject, as well as expanding in product formulation, Herbalism, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine. My perfume recipes were chosen for a well known Montreal based natural skin care line a few years ago. I also just recently received my certification with Jeanne Rose as an Aromatherapy practitioner.

In 2017, I completed my certification in Acupressure and Traditional Chinese medicine, using the ancient techniques of tongue and pulse readings to find the source of dis-harmony. Acupressure can yield incredible results, on the physical as well as in the emotional realms. Working with the energetic meridians and balancing the flow of energies within the body, this technique is very relaxing and does not offer the discomfort of needles but works in the same way. The client usually doze off as the relaxation is deep, and within a few sessions, can find a deep solace and feeling of balance being adjusted within the body. In June 2018, I added Swedish massage and Bach Flower remedies to my certifications. I am also currently working on a reference book for natural holistic recipes. My consultations can be either in English or French.