These books are giving only information and should not be considered as personalized medical treatments. If you have a serious issue, please consult with a Health professional as the information should not be used to give a diagnostic, treat or reduce a medical problem.

My first book is available:

Comparative Aromatherapy/A practical approach for therapists  

This is a 13 pages PDF document I wrote at the end of my Aromatherapy certification. This subject is one of my favourite: I compare the use of essential oils by the old botanists, in Ayurveda, in Traditional Chinese medicine and planetary connections. You will receive it in a PDF file. You can log in the product page to buy it. You can also receive it in paperback with additional shipping.


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My second book is ready! I put together my passions about skincare, acupressure or acupuncture points and aromatherapy.

Taboikaa Skincare/ A practical Ebook for aestheticians, therapists or just for self-care

This is a 23 pages PDF, a result of quite a bit of research and years of practice. The link is on the products’ page. You can also recieve it in paperback with additional shipping.